The Chair Buddies have been reviewed by outdoor gear reviewers.

Our product was tested by Hoohoohoblin Youtube channel that reviews many products. The host tested Chair Buddies on REI Flexlite chair on a sandy LA beach. Check it here.

Michael from the Emporium Outdoor tested Chair Buddies with his Helinox Chair Zero and Sportneer chairs in the big wild places of Alberta. Michael used Chair Buddies during his winter camping trips in temperatures down to -10C.  You can check out Michael's adventures with his dog Esme and many outdoor equipment reviews, the main focus being on tents and bushcraft equipment, on his Youtube Channel.

Outdoor Guru Gijs From Netherlands tested Chair Buddies with his Helinox lightweight chair. He looked at many aspects of the product, such as design features, weight and sustainability. Gijs used his Helinox chair on sand and soggy ground. He rated Chair Buddies 9 points out of 10. Gijs makes many nitty-gritty outdoor gear reviews, especially about gear made by Nordic brands. You can check out his Youtube channel here.

Ernie from Paleo Hiker MD channel, added Chair Buddies to his Helinox Zero chair when he used it on a wet soil in Louisiana. Ernie thinks that these chair feet solve the camping chair sinking issue, they are light and easy to pack. If you like ultralight outdoor gear and, especially stoves, check out Ernie's Youtube channel.

Our chair feet were added to "Camping Gifts: 41 Gifts for Campers That You’ll Want for Yourself!" article on Cool of the Wild website. website comprises many outdoor sports articles and gear reviews.

Hardy from Hardy Tempest’s Wild Camps and Walks made a little video about our product. He used Chair Buddies with his Helinox Chair Zero on a wet riverbank soil in winter.

Philip from Section Hiker used chair buddies with his REI Flexlite chair on sandy ground. You can read his article here. In a separate article about camping chairs, he mentioned Chair Buddies as his favourite camping chair accessory. Section Hiker makes many outdoor gear reviews, how-to articles on what equipment to use and description of walks in New Hampshire and Scotland.

Chair Buddies are featured on, and similar fake websites. It's somewhat flattering for us but you would not receive any goods after making a purchase. So we will not add any links this time.