Those Handy Things

 is a London based startup which specializes on development of products for camping and  everyday use. 

The main goals of our design are:

To provide practical solutions to the problems outdoor enthusiasts have to face in the field

To further enhance the outdoor experience.

To address the challenges we all face everyday, like dealing with increasing heat and reducing food waste and overuse of plastic.

The company's first product  is Chair Buddies, a snap-on accessory designed to prevent the legs of ultra light camping chairs from sinking into soft ground, sand, snow, etc., when the chairs are sat on. Chair Buddies reflect a development philosophy of simple, elegant design, lightweight but strong materials, and easy-to-use solutions that improve the user experience, increase utility and reduce harm to the environment.

The next two products the company is planning to bring into the market are camping chair shades and personal coolers for hot weather use. Watch this space.