The best friends your camping chair will ever have.

Camping chair is sinking into the sand

Have you got that sinking feeling?

Let's talk about weight. And other things too

lightweight chair foot

Seriously lightweight

Each Chair Buddy weighs only 30 grams. Each set of four, including the carry case,  weighs 150 grams. That is just above the weight of two Clif bars!

Removable feet for backpacking chairs

Strong and mud-proof

Chair buddies have a hollow inner space with an internal rib structure which makes them lightweight and highly impact resistant. Between two hard plastic parts we have sandwiched a layer of semi-hard rubber which seals the inside and prevents dirt getting in

Backpacking chair feet


The smooth rounded shape attracts less dirt and is designed to be appealing to the eye.

Because of their low profile shape Chair Buddies are easy to pack

Non-slip rubber circles of camping chair feet

No more slipping around

Three rubber circles on the bottom platform provide traction and help stabilize the chair

A carry case for camp chair feet

The carry case

The Chair Buddies carry case is made out of strong 70D Polyester.  Designed to fit inside most camping chair carry bags, it can also be attached to a rucksack by the hook. 

On the inside fabric has a waterproof  PU coating. After opening the poppers you can turn it inside out and clean it

Manufactured in the UK

This product is made in the Great Britain. That means a high quality  and a lower carbon footprint because of shorter travel distances

Very easy to use

Chair buddies stabilising camping chair feet for Helinox, Flexlite, Nigor, Robens and Big Agnes camping chairs

Just take one from the bag..

Raised profile of platform on one side to ensure chair foot does not slip out under pressure

Removable anti-sink feet for camping chair snapped on

..then place under the chair foot..

S-shaped side connectors allow flexing due to uneven ground, sitter movement, changes in leg angles, while maintaining a secure attachment at all times between the snap  and the platform. S-shaped part was inspired by similar flexible qualities of a modern car's suspension

Lightweight removable feet for camping chair

..pull the snap upwards and connect it to the leg. Done.

Narrow opening in snap accommodates different leg diameters.

Regular Chair Buddies fit 10- 14 mm chair legs. The large version is compatible with 15-19mm diameter legs.

How does it make a difference?

Let's try to sit on snow

After ascending the mount Toubkal in Morocco our tour guide decided to have a well deserved rest.


He immediately fell sideways. It was caused by chair legs digging through a layer of snow.

Now we're talking!

We attached Chair buddies to the chair. They fixed the stability problem by keeping the chair firmly on the ground.

You can check out Chair Buddies reviews on Youtube

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