Q. How do I know that my chair is compatible with the Chair Buddies?

A: These feet can be used camping chairs with leg diameter up to 14mm and up to 25mm wide rounded feet. That includes Alite Mantis chair, Helinox Chair One and Chair Zero, Nigor Sparrow and Morningbird chairs, Big Agnes Mica Chair, Robens Pilgrim and many others.

Chair Buddies are not compatible with Helinox Sunset chair, Helinox Chair Two, Big Agnes Big Six Camp Chair, Nigor Kingfisher Chair and any other camping chair with a leg diameter 15mm and bigger

Q: What is the maximum user weight?

A: The maximum user weight is 110 kgs or 17.3st.

Q. How long are the Chair Buddies warrantied for?

A. The chair Buddies have 1 year warranty.

Q. What is the optimal temperature for using the Chair Buddies?

A. These camping chair feet can be used from -10°C to 35°C. 

Q. Can I use these chair feet in wet conditions?

A. The Chair Buddies have sealed inside space and can withstand being submerged. If the chair feet are under water for several hours or longer water ingression may occur. In that case simply undo the screws, rinse the inside, let it dry and screw it back together. 

Q. How do clean this product?

A.  You can clean them with sponge or under running cold water. The carry case can also be cleaned with a sponge and water with little drop of soap. Please do not machine wash the carry case as it will affect the waterproof coating on the inside.

Q: What about UV protection?

A: Chair Buddies can be used in sunny weather. They are made out of highly UV resistant Polypropylene.