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Chair Buddies
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 New, unique design that improves chair stability on soft ground - sand, mud, grass, snow - by increasing chair feet surface area 6-8 times. Chair Buddies size is 70mm in diameter

• Simple to use and remove - snap-on/snap-off

• Lightweight – a set of 4 plus packaging weighs 150 grams - low weight achieved via empty interior space and a rib structure for a high weight-strength ratio

• Made out of high-impact strength polypropylene optimized for extended use in outdoor settings

• Reduces groundsheet damage in tents - three over-moulded solid rubber circles underneath stop the chair from sliding around

• Maximum recommended user weight is 120 kgs or 265 lbs

 Made in Great Britain


• Works with many different camping chair brands - fits camping chairs with leg diameter up to 14mm, and rounded foot diameter up to 25mm (one inch)

• Chair Buddies can be used with Alite Mantis chair, Helinox Chair One and Chair Zero, Nigor Sparrow and Morningbird chairs, Robens Pilgrim and many other chairs

• Chair Buddies are not compatible with Helinox Sunset chair, Helinox Chair Two, Big Agnes Big Six Camp Chair, Nigor Kingfisher Chair, Robens Observer Chair and any other camping chair with a leg diameter 15mm and bigger


• Comes in a set of 4 in its own easy-to-clean soft carrying case designed for ease of transport and maintenance

• Waterproof PU coating inside case prevents mud or dirt leaking out - both case and contents easy to clean with soft sponge or brush and water

• The slim shape fits easily in most chair cases - can also be attached to daypack via swivel snap-hook

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews

Okay but didn’t quite work for what I needed. Using these for a bench. The legs don’t fit completely but do sit down into the opening in each one. Thought I’d try these…

With what kind of bench are you using the chair buddies?
Are you sure they are supposed to be compatible?


Went on a 10 day camping trip with friends recently. It had rained on and off during that time.
This was the conversation after seeing my purchase.

Day 1: Them: ‘Why did you buy those? They’ll serve no purpose. If we start sinking, we will just move our chairs..’

Day 2 *after moving chairs so many times around the fire, the ground looked like the moon*: ‘What’s the website for those again?’

One of the absolute best upgrades I’ve done since my chair itself. Highly recommend these. And they even fit in my chair bag!
Trust me, make you’re camping friends jealous and buy these.

Stay afloat with these!

Using for both Helinox chair zero and REI Co-op Flexlite Air Chair. Sinking savior, lightweight and sturdy. Delivery is reasonable, given destination; if in USA, customs/mail transfer eats some time etc. Get them now!


Great little add on. Stops my chair sinking into the dirt

Cynthia Cawood
Chair Buddies work!

I bought some Chair Buddies several years ago for my husband and he loved them, he said, these things really work! My grandson tried them and this year we bought him a set. He is a 6’5 seventeen year old and he loves them!